Sunday, July 26, 2009

We are still here!

We are alive and very busy. We have not had internet for three or more weeks and will not have it for a few more. I will have to do one of those catch up posts where I post two months in one day, that day is not today!! Here it is, first Liv is growing and getting so smart, she is a strong one, everyone thinks she will be walking early, and man she is a talker, she has so many stories to tell. She rolled over twice on the fifth and wants nothing to do with it anymore, what a cutie. The newest, we are home owners now (pics to come) and our life has been crazy. Painting every room, gutting the kitchen, and then trying to put it back together, trying to move clean etc... all by Friday. We love our house and back yard, but there is so much stuff to do when you buy a house...aahh! You might not hear from us for a while but we are here!