Friday, April 23, 2010


Its a bit late but it would only make since that we mention...OUR LITTLE GIRL IS ONE! It blows my mind. Of course I am a few days late posting but I was waiting for her one year old photo session. Here is a little of what this girl is doing. Not walking but crawling and pulling up like a mad women. I seriously think she is afraid to fall the two feet to the ground and hit her diapered bum, cause if she is standing and loses her balance she hyperventilates...she is just not ready, but we so are!! She is talking, learning new words everyday. List...
No No
Baba (baby and bottle)
Bipor (diapor)
Baa (ball)
WusDat( What that)
La (Liv)
Bu (book)
Ca (Car)
CoCo (Auntie Coco)
Une (One)
Berbe (something like that but it is strawberry)
Dah (dog)
Wa Wa (water)
Nana (all food, bananas, snacks and my cousin Hannah)
Men (amen, this one is so cute, she says is as soon as we start closing a prayer or right at the end and she is folding her arms too)
She shakes her head yes and no...a lot!
If you ask her if she wants lunch a snack or food she say "MMM"
She knows her dog and cat sounds..."uf uf" and "row"
She knows where her ears, nose mouth and head are, and she will point to your teeth and say "tee."
She has more words but those are the regulars...but if you ask her to say new words she tries as hard as she can to pronounce them in her language.
She loves reading her books by herself or when mom and dad are with her
Her favorite foods are strawberries, bananas, asparagus, soygurt (soy yogurt, its not good but she thinks it is the best thing to ever happen) turkey, turkey dogs, pretty much meat of any kind, kix, Cheerios, anything sweet we can find that has no milk or eggs which is not very often so when she gets sweets she is in heaven, she likes anything sour, pretty much if she is not allergic to it she will eat it, so far not having a picky eater is a dream!
This girl loves to dance she loves to sing and even though you can't understand her, she jabbers ALL the time. She squeals and laughs at the weirdest times, ps she has a little growl-grinch laugh! She has six teeth with another on the way, she points to everything and then will hold up a number one, along with the one guessed it she puts her finger right up her nose, not picking it of course she just found a hole in her nose. She has the girliest-feminine wave using only her hand and wrist. Liv can play by herself forever, which is awesome but I feel guilty sometimes not spending more time with her. She is a professional stair climber, down needs a little practice though. Liv loves playing in piles of blankets and pillows being outside, swinging and playing with other kids. So much I am sure. We love this girl so much and can't wait for another year!
This last picture is of her playing peek a boo with the chair, it was the best ever, her thinking she could hind behind this chair, we played for like five minutes!