Monday, September 27, 2010

Norris Computer?

Did you know we bought a new four months ago? What about having Internet for four weeks but I did not want a black cable literally running through three rooms of my house so we paid for Internet but had to wait to use it until our wireless was installed. Yeah that's the story of my life. BIG NEWS...duh duh duh...Jon is going to school at Boston University...did I say at, I mean online. Thought I was going to say something else huh! Would have been fun to move though being that my sister just moved there and we could have driven all the way across the United States and have the road trip of a life time. No joke I am dying to do this, maybe not with a seventeen month old, but I would do it. Other than school nothing is new but at least there is something new. I know you are not really looking at my blog to read, there apparently is only one thing you want me to post about...lame, its as if we had a baby and you don't want to see anything else, and by as if I mean that's the truth. You now its true when you show up somewhere and the first thing anybody says is "where's Liv" Its as if I never existed. Also this text..."I need to see pictures of Liv" is a pretty good know who you are, its not like I have seen any pictures lately of your baby, just a bed. So maybe I am not the only one who posts every three months. I love Liv and to take some credit she would not be here if I were not here. She cracks me up every day, she frustrates me every day too, has anyone ever told you that there is this period where your kid thinks they know what they are saying and it makes no sense to you, then she gets frustrated and then you get frustrated, yep that's everyday! I also realized I love this stage, some communication, independence, laughter, walking, self occupation, she is the best thing to ever happen to us. She has a lot of Jon in her. Here are some pictures to prove it. PS I hate the new blog layouts...they su-uck!
New Glasses anyone...

swimsuit at the lake

who new a little swimmer could do this...

when you ask Liv "how much do you love me," this is how much she loves me...with her hands! And this was last night so it is a pretty current picture of her.

I was getting ready and she kept saying "pitty, pitty" which is pretty, and when I looked down at her this is what I found...underwear!

Doin' the Laundry

She was fourteen months here, but the rust in the background, with her red hair who could ask for more
If you were thinking there was a gap between her front teeth you would be correct. The real question is where did it come from...?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

For Russanne and Kyle

Russanne and Kyle moved to Boston and few weeks ago and thought they could use a little Liv!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Its a bit late but it would only make since that we mention...OUR LITTLE GIRL IS ONE! It blows my mind. Of course I am a few days late posting but I was waiting for her one year old photo session. Here is a little of what this girl is doing. Not walking but crawling and pulling up like a mad women. I seriously think she is afraid to fall the two feet to the ground and hit her diapered bum, cause if she is standing and loses her balance she hyperventilates...she is just not ready, but we so are!! She is talking, learning new words everyday. List...
No No
Baba (baby and bottle)
Bipor (diapor)
Baa (ball)
WusDat( What that)
La (Liv)
Bu (book)
Ca (Car)
CoCo (Auntie Coco)
Une (One)
Berbe (something like that but it is strawberry)
Dah (dog)
Wa Wa (water)
Nana (all food, bananas, snacks and my cousin Hannah)
Men (amen, this one is so cute, she says is as soon as we start closing a prayer or right at the end and she is folding her arms too)
She shakes her head yes and no...a lot!
If you ask her if she wants lunch a snack or food she say "MMM"
She knows her dog and cat sounds..."uf uf" and "row"
She knows where her ears, nose mouth and head are, and she will point to your teeth and say "tee."
She has more words but those are the regulars...but if you ask her to say new words she tries as hard as she can to pronounce them in her language.
She loves reading her books by herself or when mom and dad are with her
Her favorite foods are strawberries, bananas, asparagus, soygurt (soy yogurt, its not good but she thinks it is the best thing to ever happen) turkey, turkey dogs, pretty much meat of any kind, kix, Cheerios, anything sweet we can find that has no milk or eggs which is not very often so when she gets sweets she is in heaven, she likes anything sour, pretty much if she is not allergic to it she will eat it, so far not having a picky eater is a dream!
This girl loves to dance she loves to sing and even though you can't understand her, she jabbers ALL the time. She squeals and laughs at the weirdest times, ps she has a little growl-grinch laugh! She has six teeth with another on the way, she points to everything and then will hold up a number one, along with the one guessed it she puts her finger right up her nose, not picking it of course she just found a hole in her nose. She has the girliest-feminine wave using only her hand and wrist. Liv can play by herself forever, which is awesome but I feel guilty sometimes not spending more time with her. She is a professional stair climber, down needs a little practice though. Liv loves playing in piles of blankets and pillows being outside, swinging and playing with other kids. So much I am sure. We love this girl so much and can't wait for another year!
This last picture is of her playing peek a boo with the chair, it was the best ever, her thinking she could hind behind this chair, we played for like five minutes!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Best Ever...

So I waited and waited and then waited some more, and SHE is finally here! Don't judge but I may have been more excited about this delivery than my own, makes sense though cause I was not the one in pain! PS, Jon already knows but, this man below is totally, totally the second love of my life!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Alright...It's Time

These were taken the day before she turned nine months, just a treat. Liv is at the cutest stage, seriously she gets better and better each day, is that possible? She has a love affair with food, she sleeps most nights 12 hours, she rarely crys, is always smiling, will give you kisses when you ask for them, will wave at you and melt your heart, listens when you tell her no, or "ah-ah" as we say it, feed herself(with her fingers of course) and can fully entertain herself for hours, best girlie ever. We will posts pictures of our house one day, but as one again I am signing in from my parents, nine month preview pictures are the extent. What a whirlwind month with remodeling the house, the computer officially breaking-time for a new one, mobile baby, and food allergies. Oh don't you worry, she is just allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts and dogs, what do we feed her you ask, fruits, veggies and meat...who knew parents who have absolutely no allergies could produce such a wonder! Hopefully she grows out of them!! She's a doll, life is great and tax returns are awesome!