Monday, October 19, 2009

Russanne and Kyle Married

On October 17th Russanne and Kyle were married, they weather was perfect, everything was just right and both the bride and groom were glowing. After they were sealed the sealer asked the groom the grab Sister Sasser, (yep that's right her name is Russanne Sasser it still makes us laugh when we say it) and he smiling said, "holy" because it shocked him so much to hear her name, and he said it in a I can't believe that is her name kind of way. As he grabbed her she was just bouncing she was so excited, I mean literally bouncing. The day was amazing but we are all glad the craziness is over. Kyle and Russanene are still glowing and so happy to finally be married. We only have a few shots of the bride and groom, I am not going to lye, Jon was in charge of getting the shots and he did not get too many. So I will post ours now, but our friend who took our family pics did their wedding so when she posts those so will I!! Congrats you two we love you both. Oh and my favorite part of weddings is to look at the bride and groom right when they are walking out of the temple, you can see the pure joy on their faces, look at these two. The bottom pic is not the best but it was one of the two together.

Family Pics and 6 Months

Are you serious Liv is six months old, aaaahhhh, where has the time gone! Her appointment is on Wednesday so I am not quite sure how big she is, but she still is barely fitting into her 3-6month clothes so she is still pretty tiny. But she has been pacing on the chubs lately what with her new love for food. She eats like a champ the first time I fed her food from a spoon, she made no faces, in fact I am pretty sure her thoughts were "thanks mom for finally giving me real food!" Then last night we gave her carrots for the first time because she has been on cereal for a month and still no faces. We got all ready to film the funny faces she would make, and nothing, she love food, she is officially is addicted. She has been sitting up for a few weeks now, she loves rolling all over the place, she reaches for everyone, I am not just saying this because I am her mom, but because other people comment on it all the time, but she is the smiliest, happiest baby ever, she is such a good girl and other people recognize it so its true! I don't know how I lucked out so well. Liv loves to read and play with her toys, but most of all she loves people, she got that quality from her dad, not that I don't love people but that they are attracted to people and new people everywhere. To me it is one of the greatest qualities they have.A week ago we had our friend take some family pictures of us. We had a cold snap come through so by the end of our session, which had to be quick because of the weather, we were all freezing and Liv was screaming, she was a trooper. So on Monday Liv and I went to my friends in-home studio and had her 6 month pictures taken, we love all of them so much, she is so talented! These are the few we have seen, I can't wait to see all of them!