Monday, February 1, 2010

Alright...It's Time

These were taken the day before she turned nine months, just a treat. Liv is at the cutest stage, seriously she gets better and better each day, is that possible? She has a love affair with food, she sleeps most nights 12 hours, she rarely crys, is always smiling, will give you kisses when you ask for them, will wave at you and melt your heart, listens when you tell her no, or "ah-ah" as we say it, feed herself(with her fingers of course) and can fully entertain herself for hours, best girlie ever. We will posts pictures of our house one day, but as one again I am signing in from my parents, nine month preview pictures are the extent. What a whirlwind month with remodeling the house, the computer officially breaking-time for a new one, mobile baby, and food allergies. Oh don't you worry, she is just allergic to milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts and dogs, what do we feed her you ask, fruits, veggies and meat...who knew parents who have absolutely no allergies could produce such a wonder! Hopefully she grows out of them!! She's a doll, life is great and tax returns are awesome!