Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a Guy!

I don't know what happened below. Today was my first real day of doing ever thing by myself. Liv had a doctors appointment today and I had to get both of us ready and out the door, oh and on time, by myself. I woke up with more than enough time to get us both ready, but who knew Liv would want an extra morning snack, so I was behind schedule. But I did it, I showered, did my hair and make-up, got dresses, gave Liv a bath, got her dressed, grabbed the baby gear and was out the door. It did is all by myself, but I left the house a disaster. Make-up on the counter, bed not made, my dirty clothes on the floor, Liv's dirty clothes on the bed, dishes in the sink, bath stuff in the kitchen (this is where i bathe Liv), you get the picture. I fully intended to come home and clean up while Liv slept. Jon works all day and has been coming home to eat on his lunch break and today I guess he did as well. And when he did, he cleaned everything, he even made the bed. So when I walked in the door I looked down the hallway and thought, it was not such a mess after all, then I realized Jon had come home and cleaned. What a guy, I sure do love him.

What a Guy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Liv Maya Norris born April 21st 2009, at 12:36pm. She weighed exactly 7lbs and was exactly 20inches long. She is such a joy and such a good baby. We could not have asked for anything better than her.
Is she not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, she is gorgeous and keeps getting prettier and prettier each day. Oh by the way I know we said her middle name was Abigail, but when she arrived she did not look like an Abigail, so we chose Maya (pernounced Mae-ya not My-ya), the name just fits her better.

Labor and Delivery

So as if I did not have the most ideal, perfect pregnancy, now I could not have asked for a better labor and delivery. I thought because my pregnancy was so easy that I was in for it when it came to delivery. Man am I glad I was wrong. Jon and I arrived at the hospital an April 20th, not to be induced but to start the process. There was a pill involved and then a waiting game, but literally this was not my induction. My doctor came in the next morning a little after eight, broke my water, and told me I was at two centimeters, not much change. Then things started rolling. The nurse thought the contractions I was having were aggravation contractions and that they would settle down. Little did she or I know that as soon as they broke my water I was sent into active labor. Two hours into it, I was feeling weak, the contractions were really strong and right on top of each other, but I thought it has only been two hours I can't ask for my epidural yet, I have at least ten hours to go. But I did it, I asked for the meds and ten minutes later the anesthesiologist was there. It took the man five times to get the epidural placed, and I mean he got all the way to placing the catheter and could not get it in. He said the ligaments in my back were really strong. He felt so bad. So almost an hour later it was in and I was feeling great, I mean on top of the world great. Before the epidural I was thinking there was no way I was going to be able to do this, but as soon as the pain was gone, I felt like I could do anything in the world. Well I had not been checked sense eight so at noon the nurse came back in checked me, and I was at a ten!! Jon and I thought it was a joke at first, we could not believe this was happening. Our family thought Jon was joking, naturally, when he told them I was at a ten. The nurse had me give one practice push and had to tell me to stop because my doctor was not there yet. Ten minutes later my doctor arrived, five pushes later Liv was here. I could not believe it, a four hour labor and five pushes, what a joke, and what a gift. Liv was born at 12:36pm. Her first pictures are a little scary, she is pretty chalky and a little swollen, but she is a beauty! Here I am getting ready for bed at the hospital
And here Jon is getting ready for bed at the hospital!!

Contraction anyone?

I am resting for thirty seconds in between contractions

We just found out I was at a ten, these are our last pictures before her arrival!

This is Liv's big debut, she is gorgeous

I love this picture of Jon, this is pure joy, and what a proud daddy!

Our first family photo!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Little Pregnancy Calendar

So I know this is going a little backwards and I am not showing the most amazing thing that has ever happened to us, but I thought it just made sense to post my pregnancy calender and a little about my pregnancy before I show you our little beauty. Also I have heard that at the end of the year you can have your blog turned into a book, or something, and I am terrible at journaling, so this blog is my excuse for a journal! Jon and I found out we were pregnant on August 18, 2008 the day after my birthday and two days before Jon's what a gift. Jon did not believe the pregnancy test, he made me take three tests before he realized it was real. We had tons of fun telling our family at our combined birthday dinner via a prayer. PS telling someone you are pregnant in a prayer is perfect, they have to hold in their reaction until "amen," though know one really did!! I felt the little one move for the first time on November 22nd and on the 25th we found out we were having a girl! Jon did not feel her move until December 18th, I know this date because we were snowed in, in one of the biggest snow storms Spokane has ever had, over 2 feet in 24hours. There is lots of stuff in between those dates but I think those are the milestones. My pregnancy was amazing, I was hardly ever sick, in fact I only got sick if I was too tired not if I got hungry, weird! I was a little bit quicker to anger but I was not super emotional, which is good and bad I guess. I loved every second of being pregnant except the frequent, frequent trips to the bathroom! To tell you the truth I miss being pregnant and feeling her every-move, it is truly a miracle and what an amazing blessing it is to be pregnant...I loved it, every bit of, I guess I am a lucky one. Now for the calendar, this is a lot of pictures of me, but it is fun to see my belly grow.

This is days after we found out...5 weeks

Not much change, we are at the Oregon Coast...8 weeks

Weird looking? We forgot to take some pics...almost 23 weeks

This is me at almost 27 weeks

30 weeks and counting

Sorry I am not modest, but I love this picture...35weeks

This is me at my baby shower...36 weeks...I look round all over!
This is my dad and I at 38 weeks...I win I think!
Here we are on our last Saturday baby free, this is at Twigs,one of our favorite restaurants. No belly here! This was the perfect ending to a perfect pregnancy.
This is Jon and I at 39 and a half weeks...we took a picture like this together when we were engaged but Jon was pretending to be pregnant and I was listening!
This is us, literally on our way down to the hospital...39.5 weeks

That is it! 9, actually 10 months of our lives!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It hit me...

Well tomorrow night at this time I will be in the hospital probably settled in my room with and IV hooked up to me. My doctor decided to induce me tomorrow night, which seems weird but she offered the morning and to tell you the truth I did not want our baby to be born on April 20th...420...I know I am terrible but that is not a way to enter the world, so she is inducing me in the evening in hopes I wont have her until the 21st. We are nervous, well I am, and Jon is keeping his cool. I am not that nervous about the labor and delivery, I know I can do it, or I have to do it, but either way we are going to have a beautiful little girl in a day and a half. No I am nervous about being a parent, we are going to be parents, WE ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS. Seems weird that this is just really hitting me but it is. Who is this little person I have been carrying for nine months, what will she do, who will she be, how are we going to teach her. This is the scary nerve racking part for me and I think it is safe to say, for us. So for now, the shock is setting, the nerves are running high in and we hope to get some sleep tonight because who knows when the next "good" sleep will be? This is it for our two-some, parenthood here we come, ready or not.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Her Nursery

Last weekend we finished this little girls nursery. I was too picky to just go and buy something, or I could not find anything that I really loved, so I took on the task of making her nursery bedding and decor...what was I thinking. I did learn one thing for sure the rest of our kids will get a cute store bought nursery. I spent so much time on it I am not even sure I really like it anymore...I mean I love it but after I have seen it for so long I am sick of it. It is bright, not the usual nursery look, with its colors... hot pink, coral, spring green, chocolate and turquoise. When I was buying the fabric I think everyone thought I was crazy when I told them the fabric was for a nursery. It is sort of retro, I designed after a few Potterybarn designs, just with different colors. I guess you can see her name on the wall, so I guess we are letting you know that her name is Liv, I was not too sure about Liv at first but Jon loves it, and because he loves it I have learned to love it even more, it has grown on me the past couple of weeks. Oh the best part about her nursery is that I was trying to make it not super girly, I mean it is girly of course, I just did not want everything pink. But then I got these grapefruit colored curtains and when the sun shines through the window the whole room glows pink...Jon was like I think maybe there is enough pink now...oops! Looking at these pictures make me wish I could paint the walls in our apartment...
Well we had a little excitement on Monday not that we thought I was going into labor at all, but there were some signs that it could be happening I got my house all clean, really clean and then nothing, nothing happened. This waiting game is not that much fun. I have made some progress so that is exciting, but I am due in exactly one week and don't really feel like this is going to happen any time soon. I have an appointment tomorrow so we will see if anything has happened!