Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Extras and Grandma and Grandpa Great

She fell asleep on her bink...it made Jon laugh when he found her!
One day last week I could not get her to calm down so I layed her on our bed and put my diaper bag in front of her, she loves it becasue of the contrast and I also set a bright book in front of her. She was totally quiet, I guess you do anything to get them to calm down!
This was her sad day, she did well with her shots but still did not feel good that evening.
And because her teeth hurt, her hand is her new best friend, and mine too! She can't hold a teething ring so when she finds her hand she chews away!
These are Jon's grand-parents, Liv's Grandma and Grandpa Great. Here is a picture of them with Jeyza and Scarlet, Jon's sisters kids
Liv loved her Grandma great, Liv told her all kinds of stories, such a cutie I know!

Matching Girls and Lots of Faces

First of all, who is the worst blogger ever...your lookin at her! Our little girl had her two month appointment last Monday and I am just now posting her stats, the worst is that I can't even remember all of them,
Weight: 9lbs, 11oz-21st percentile
Length: Don't know but she was in the 88th percentile
Head circumference: forgot this one too, but she was in the 33rd percentile
It never hurts to be tall and skinny huh! I guess I am not that bad of a mom if I can remember half of the stats!! She did great with her shots, she is a tough one, but I think her first hospital visit toughened her up. Her teething has set in real nice now, can you since the sarcasm. I feel so bad for her, I can tell she doesn't feel well and I hate to drug her all the time so I have had to pick and choose the times to give her Tylenol and the times I just want to hold and comfort her. Jon's mom said that him and his sister teethed pretty early and I guess that is something Liv got from dad. We are getting mixed reviews on her looks, Jon and I don't see much of him in her, we see me. I should get a hold of one of my baby pictures to show you how much she looks like me. But then we get, "she sure does look like her dad." So I guess this must mean she is a good mix of both of us.
Our house should close on July 15th which is totally exciting, most of all I can't wait to have paint on the walls. There will not be a white wall in our house!! No pictures yet, it is still not ours, but we are excited about our cute little bungalow! I thought it would be fun to post pictures of Liv's many faces, most of them were taken on a day where Liv and I were dressed the same, no I did not mean to, and it is not exact at all but the colors matched. Oh and she has some baby acne we think, so her face is blotchy in some of the pictures. It is sad, aren't you supposed to get acne when you are like thirteen. She is a cutie be warned!! This is my all time favorite look of hers, she has the cutest lip!
This is my Crazy girl!
And my sweet girl


What you talkin' about?

This is my thinking pose, hmm?

Cute little yawn!

Oh and I do get mad!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Our lives have been full of blessings lately. With Liv joining our family we have recognized the amazing, eternal love Heavenly Father has for us as his children, in fact we only have a glimpse of how much He loves us. Liv is truly a gift and we have now recognized the great blessings from being patient. Not only through waiting for Liv but in other areas of our lives. Last week, well first let me say what a blessing Jon's new job has been. We are financially stable enough to where we feel comfortable with buying our first house. With that said last week we made an offer on a house that Jon liked and I loved, our second offer was accepted and we had begun the process of purchasing our first home. But during our family home evening that night we decided to pull out of the deal, luckily before anything had been signed or earnest money was lost. So we were back to our search, which by the way house shopping, not so much fun. Not even three days later we found another house, we both liked. we made an offer today and it was again accepted after negotiations of course, and we both feel great about it. It is old and small and needs some work, but it will be a great first home. We don't have pictures, in fact until we actually own the house I wont post any pictures (what if something happens and we don't get it?). We are blessed in so many ways, with the gospel, eternal families, temples, we are blessed in happiness, and love, we are blessed. Another great blessing is the priesthood, and I am so grateful for the priesthood in our home. Jon was able to give Liv and I a blessing the night she was born, and we saw great blessings come from that. But last week Jon gave our first baby a blessing, and it was amazing, and so powerful, and Jon's sweet mom recorded it for us, so we will always remember it, but more importantly Liv will be able to read it one day and realize how special she really is. Life is a gift that is truly amazing.
My computer is noy working right so I can't post as many pictures as I would like to, oh well there is a few!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Never Gets Old...

She just never gets old, she just gets cuter. I love little random pictures that make me smile. So I thought I would share the randomness (is that a word?) with you.

This was Liv's first time laying in the grass, it did not last too long with the creatures around us!

Another laugher!

All smiles!

Who knows?

Just Thought it was cute!

Its been a while I know, and our lives have totally been consumed with Liv, but here are a few pictures to let you know we sort of have lives. Sound like I am comlaining about our new life, I am so far from unhappy right now it is amazing, our lives are great, just new! Last week I went outside while Liv was sleeping at my parents house and this is what I found, it was too cute to pass up pictures. This is my dad and his neighbor boys, with Jon playing a two-on-two basketball game! So cute to watch... oh andmy dad's dog thought he could "help" out both teams!