Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just one more...

Why are there tools on the right side of the screen, and a pencil near our posts, will those go away...I will get this figured out I promise.


How do I add friends or links to other blogs on our blog? I have tried to figure it out by myself, but I figured why not ask...Anything helps.


Here is my big confession...the day that I started our blog I hated it. I am not good with the computer, in fact it took me hours to set up our blog and then I hated the way it looked. I would look at other blogs and think our blog, "sucks." I like things cute and trendy and our first post was far from that, so I was frustrated and gave up, but not really, I was checking our blog like once a week! Confession two...I used our blog to stay updated on all of our friends but was not updating you about us, lame I know, but I got a few pointers or one at least so that I could attempt to make our blog cute, so this is a step in the right direction, I guess. Well what's new with the Norris'

  • We don't live with my parents... this happened about two months ago but it is still new!

  • Jon has a new job that he loves. It was such a blessing to get a real career type job at a time like this, I don't know what we did or if we did anything to deserve it, but it is such a blessing

  • And because of the job, I only have two more weeks left at my two jobs, being and nanny...worst job ever, and working at Pier 1

  • Oh I only have two more weeks left because I am due with our little girl in three and a half weeks...maybe sooner, hopefully not later

So a few things have changed, not much, we are the same old Norris'. Jon is crazy and I still just laugh at who he is

(No Joke it took me twenty minutes to upload this picture!) This was two months ago so she is huge now and so am I, all of my recent pictures are on my camera. But here is a goal, I will try once a week to post, maybe it will be a Sunday thing, I don't know life is about to get really crazy!