Friday, March 25, 2011

"Silly Livie"

So do you remember that cute girl I showed only ONE picture of before, in my sad sob story post (still sad, but we are happy...really!) well I couldn't keep you any longer, this cute girl needed a post all about her, as if she does not have any of those already, but none this year and its March so it's her turn. Um she is silly, like really silly, like the exact replica of her dad ( and my sister Russanne). I don't know how she got so weird and random, I mean its not like I encourage it every day ;) but she makes me laugh a lot. She makes random people in the grocery store laugh, she makes her nursery leaders laugh, that is how I know she really is silly, and oh so random. And she has a crazy memory like remembering stuff from last fall, that we don't even talk about (aka sister Russanne). The girl is pretty smart to, I mean, I am waiting for the doctor to confirm how smart she is next month at her appointment, but she is smart. Like ABC's smart, like counts to 13, smart like has full blown four word conversations with me, like sings all sorts of songs smart, I mean this girl is smart. And she listens pretty well, and knows there are consequences for her actions and will play hardball with you when she really wants something, I mean this girl wont even be two for another month. So to prove this girl's silliness and smarts here is a preview of the past few months, yep there are lots o' pictures, but how can you resist this girl!

She has her very own princess clothes and she puts them on herself, its fashionable, I know

Oh and she went through a few week phase where she loved her really classy, and by really classy I mean really tacky snow boots, it was awesome...for her

You know..."the look," well she gives this look to me for reals now, my fault I know

"It's rainin mommy," thanks Liv, I wasn't sure if it was or not, but yep it is

this picture was taken today, she was supposed to be smiling cute at me but instead I got her smiling crazy as she is watching Nemo (this is the second thing she asks for in the morning next to daddy, what about me, you know mommy, the one who takes care of you for like twelve hours a day, eh can't win em all)

I didn't ask her to do anything here, she is just posing for the camera

Her cousins taught her to make silly faces

"look mommy two" She was just keeping he options open (soy milk and water)

I think she looks all grown up when she colors like this...she is getting so old

again I did not ask for anything

She is like a real kid now playing in puddles

I waited for the day that she could fit into rain boots, I think kids in rain boots are the cutest, so I make any excuse for her to wear them


Oh you know, dad's shoes fit really well, (that's kind of what I look like when I wear his shoes)


Brittney said...

She has got some great facial expressions!!! What a cutie!! Aren't girls so fun to have?!!!

Andrew & Christy said...

These are great!!! We need to see you guys again someday!

The Peacocks said...

Love Liv! What a CUTIE! :)

Stephanie Lonas - Wanderlively said...

She is seriously the CUTEST little girl on the planet. Other than my little girl. ha - we miss you guys already... Let us know when you feel like making a trek to Rexburg this summer and we'll make some fun plans!

-Stephanie Kulisch